Sainsbury’s FreeFrom Mince Pies: IntroductionSainsbury's FreeFrom Mince Pies photograph showing a box of mince Pies on a wooden table. The image has a white from over it with rosegold reports at the top and Sainsbury's taste the difference free from mini mince pies at the bottom.

Welcome to my Sainsbury’s FreeFrom Mince Pies Review. These mini mince pies are part of the Taste the Difference range. They are finished with a dash of brandy. There are 9 mini mince pies (total weight 275g) and they cost £2.50. I think these are great because of their cute size and their tasty filling. I find some gluten free mince pies have quite a dry filling (probably made in August for consumption in December) but these have a nice, moist filling. As well as being free from gluten and milk, they are vegan. Great for Christmas parties and for home consumption, or even for leaving out for the big man himself!

My Thoughts on Sainsbury’s FreeFrom Mince Pies

These mini mince pies first debuted in Sainsbury’s seasonal range in 2019. I’m so pleased they’re back again! Their main draw is their taste and their small size, which I love for several reasons. I’m not a huge fan of very sweet things, for me a little goes a long way and one of these pies won’t leave me in a sugar coma. They’re the perfect size to go with a festive latte or glass of port/mulled wine. They’re also really good for parties, buffets or a selection platter, you can have a mini mince pie, plus a couple of other little treats and not feel like you’ve pigged out.

Sainsbury's FreeFrom Mince Pies photo showing a single mince pie on a white plate with blue roses. The mini mince pie is topped with a short crust pastry star.Gluten free pastry cases have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the greasy, crumbly and musty pastries of old. These mince pies have a biscuity pastry which is a little hard and dry compared to ‘normal’ pies, but one of the best for gluten free alternatives! You can eat them hot or cold and I find heating softens the pastry slightly. The filling is generous and fruity, it’s easy to pick out the plump sultanas, raisins and currants. Also detectable are apple pieces, citrus peel and the dash of brandy – just enough for flavour without being overwhelmingly alcoholic. The spice level is good too, enough but not too heavy. The pies have a dusting of icing sugar so they look pretty, all snowy and festive; but I find both the pastry and the filling sweet enough already.

Sainsbury's FreeFrom Mince Pies pull quote. White marble background with a quote overlaid in black script. "Sainsbury's Free From taste the difference Mini Mince Pies are a versatile smaller size. The biscuity pastry is great and the filling moist and tasty. A box of 9 is just £2.50, they're gluten and milk free, and vegan". Underneath the quote are the words: Dr Sabina Michnowicz rosegold reports

About Sainsbury’s Free From Christmas range

Sainsbury’s have a pretty wide range of seasonal treats this year. Search their website or your local store for the following:

  • the Chocolate Cherry & Amaretto Cookies (back again this Christmas – hooray!!)
  • a range of Christmas puddings
  • honey roast gammon tortilla curls (excited to try these!).

Sainsbury’s also stock some great festive treats from other brands, like:

  • Schar Spekulatious Biscuits
  • Nairn’s gluten free savoury biscuit selection for your cheeseboard.

I’ve intentionally not included links to these products because they are seasonal so the links only work during November and December.

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  1. Amy

    Have been on the hunt for gluten free Christmas party goodies and these are just the ticket! Hadn’t seen them before so thank you for the post.

  2. James

    Great review, I hope these are available this year too. I’m going to check my local store.

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