Key Summary: Nono Chocolate Bar

Nono chocolate bars are new from nono cocoa. They’re amazing in so many ways! Nono cocoa chocolate is free from the 14 most common allergens. It’s made in a special facility to prevent cross contamination and is also vegan. And it’s healthy because it contains nutritious ingredients not usually found in chocolate. There are two new bars in the range; diversity and strong. Diversity is a mixture of flavours and strong is a dark chocolate bar. The wrappers carry designs by autistic women artists.

Nono Chocolate Bar Review

Regular readers know I’m a fan of nono cocoa chocolate boxes. As a result, the diversity bar has me very excited. The first thing I notice is the gorgeous wrapper featuring a selection of ladies with brightly coloured clothes and hair. Some have tattoos and none have the dangerously thin body shape of catwalk models. It’s wonderful because they look like real women! The design is created by autistic artist Jade Boylan (more in section Autistic Women Artists).

As you unwrap it, you experience a visual treat! The chocolate bar is rainbow coloured and as each made by hand there are two the same. So, you have bespoke, edible art work. They are so pretty! Naturally, you want to try how each piece tastes. It’s a lovely mix of flavours as one blends into the next with each square. I can taste the subtle difference between them. Some are fruity others more earthy, I particularly like the green. The experience is a novelty and such fun! It really adds an extra layer to the pleasure of eating chocolate. It’s not just a flavour sensation because there are also different textures, like crispy bits from sunflowers seeds and softer bits from date pieces. The flavours are very tasty and none are overpowering. The bar is truly a feast for the senses!

The dark bar has a wrapper design from Spring Wise. The chocolate bar contains 74% cocoa dark chocolate. All of the chocolate nono uses is fair trade and they are certified vegan. The bars are available from £3.30 each.


Supporting Autistic Women Artistst

Nono cocoa is an ethical cooperative focusing on empowering the most disadvantaged in our society. Team nono offers employment to people with disabilities including autism, epilepsy and mental health disorders. Many people disadvantaged in this way, have difficulty accessing employment and don’t want to rely on charity. In March 2021, nono cocoa launched a fantastic new initiative for Autistic Women Artists. “Women on the spectrum are overlooked, undiagnosed and routinely dismissed,” because of lockdown they find they are more invisible than ever. Nono creates an opportunity for them to showcase their talent to the world, whilst raising awareness of autism.

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  1. Now this sounds like the chocolate bar for me! Not only does it look absolutely delicious, I love that it’s vegan and free from 14 of the most common allergens. It’s great that this bar is diversity driven, that’s amazing and definitely a brownie point for the company as well as the fact they sound like a company who is doing excellent work. off to check them out now!

    Jordanne x

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      Thanks, they’re a really admirable small business and so innovative with ways to champion others.

  2. I love chocolate and wouldn’t mind tasting this. So different and original! I also love the colourful wrapper of Diversity! These definitely spring out among all the other chocolates at the store!

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      The wrappers are ace and there is a mini gallery of the artist’s work on the inside of them too!

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