a photo of Sabina a middle aged white woman with long brown hair, to complement the about rosegold reports page About rosegold reports

Hello! I’m Sabina and I’m a blogger in my 30s based in the UK. I’d like to share a bit about rosegold reports. My background is in environmental science (I have a PhD in medical geology) and business development (I love marketing!). I’ve started this blog during the COVID19 lockdown to share insights, research, information, advice and reviews on life with chronic illness and disability. I suffer from several chronic illnesses and the severity of these fluctuates; as a result, so does the level of my ability/disability.

I’m happy to be contacted by other bloggers or PR representatives. I usually work about 3 months ahead with my content but can be flexible. You can reach me through the contact page or by email info@rosegoldreports.com