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M&S Made Without Wheat ravioli pasta with spinach and ricotta makes a quick and tasty meal. Ideal for an easy mid-week dinner because they take a maximum of 4 minutes to prepare. Each pack provides 2 portions which is great value for filled gluten free pasta as they’re priced at £3.50. The taste is delicate but not bland, they hold their shape well and there is a good amount of filling. As with many gluten free foods they’re a bit more delicate, so gentle simmer (rather than strong boiling) will stop them breaking.


My Thoughts on M&S Made Without Wheat ravioli pasta

I very much like the taste of these, the filling is delicate without being bland. The pasta itself is tasty too and you wouldn’t know it’s gluten free. The filling is creamy and there is a good amount of it in each ravioli. I usually eat these with just with a knob of salted butter and cracked black pepper, but they work well with a spicy tomato sauce too. Gluten free alternatives are often more delicate and I find if you simmer these gently then they don’t break apart.

a plate of ravioli in the background, in the foreground is a fork with half a ravioli on it showing the generous, creamy filling flecked with green spinach

You can boil these in just a few minutes, so they make a really quick meal. Each 250g pack serves two if you have them with a side salad or similar. I find I buy them quite regularly to have on hand if I’m pushed for time or just can’t be bothered to cook from scratch. M&S have a 2nd filled pasta in their made without wheat range: proscuitto and ricotta cappelletti. They are nice too, but I prefer the ravioli; perhaps because they’re bigger so you get more filling per mouthful.


About M&S Made Without Wheat Ravioli Pasta

M&S launched their Made Without Wheat filled pasta range back in late 2018. They come in two varieties: spinach and ricotta tortellini, and prosciutto and ricotta cappelletti. Both retail at £3.50  for 250g and are available in store from M&S or online via Ocado.

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  1. bob

    dreadful, falls apart and is just pathetic………. overpriced too

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