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Welcome to my review for the Really Resilient Guide by Andry Anastasis McFarlane. I’m a big fan of business and leadership books, and wellbeing so jumped at the opportunity to be on the blog tour. Big thanks to Helen Lewis, director at Literally PR for my copy in exchange for an honest review. The Really Resilient Guide is out now in ebook and paperback format. Andry Anastasis McFarlane has over two decades experience. She works as a keynote speaker, executive international coach, international workshop facilitator and learning consultant and author. You can find out more on her website the learning moment.

Review of the Really Resilient Guide by Andry Anastasis McFarlane

Andry Anastasis McFarlane has written a timely book. She gives advice for an employment landscape which – in the wake of the financial crash, covid etc – she describes as volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Where there are challenges, there are also opportunities; but to avail ourselves of the opportunities we need the resilience to be able to recognise and act upon them. McFarlane’s book outlines techniques to build resilience and meet the challenges.

This book is written in a very accessible style, so is very easy to read. It’s also very succinct, which I think is critical in an advice guide because too much waffle looses the reader. I like that McFarlane shows what resilience looks like on both an individual/freelancer and team level. Each section has a short real-life example and practical exercises to do. These include visualisation, reflection, mindfulness, developing awareness and wellbeing, changing mindsets, using solution focused thinking, collaboration, coaching, and resilience mapping.  They should be repeated at intervals to keep building resilience. Whilst the advice is quite specific, it is also universally applicable regardless of which industry the reader works in, or how much seniority they have.

I particularly like the wellbeing section. The key advice is: connect, keep learning, be active, keep noticing, and keep giving. So many career books focus on greater productivity or efficiency, but fail to help the reader address their wellbeing. It follows logically that a worker with good wellbeing, will be more resilient. I’d recommend this book to anyone who works or is starting/returning to work. The advice is very useful and easy to follow, both in terms of how to identify needs and how to find solutions to those needs.

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The world of work has become virtually unrecognisable. Constant uncertainty, short-term contracts, high staff turnover, budget cuts and a lack of financial security. These all contribute towards unprecedented demands on mental health and well-being. In these times resilience is key to both surviving and thriving. The process of being adaptable, flexible, having staying power and a healthy self-awareness is simultaneously a mindset and a set of behaviours.

And the good news is that this can be learnt. With Andry Anastasis McFarlane’s REALLY RESILIENT approach, you’ll learn to navigate workplace adversity and embrace change. You’ll become more effective at responding to crises and make calmer decisions. You’ll have a greater positive impact on colleagues and clients alike.

Drawing on real-life examples, executive coaching insights, emotional intelligence, global wellbeing research and solutions-focused approaches, The REALLY RESILIENT Guide blends compassionate yet reassuringly practical guidance, with 27 relevant, proven resilience-building techniques you can quickly and easily practise at home or at work.

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