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Hello and welcome to my stop on the tour for The Insomnia Diaries: How I learned to sleep again by Miranda Levy! My thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for my spot on the tour. The Insomnia Diaries chart Levy’s experience with sleeplessness after one catastrophic event. It also contains advice and myth busting, from experts in the field. The foreword is written by Dr Sophie Bostock. Today I’m sharing a brief synopsis and encouraging everyone to read the fantastic reviews (details below). I’m also giving away a copy of the book to UK based readers, details further down.

The Insomnia Diaries: Cover Blurb

After a single, catastrophic event, journalist Miranda Levy had one sleepless night, then another, and then another. She sought help from anyone she could: doctors, a therapist, an acupuncturist, a hypnotist, a reiki practitioner and a personal trainer – but nothing seemed to work.

Sleep, wellbeing and mental health are intrinsically linked. Yet sleeplessness is surprisingly common: 16 million of us suffer from insomnia, and the sleep industry is worth £100 billion (Daily Mail).

In The Insomnia Diaries, Miranda Levy tells the story of her experience of severe, disabling insomnia that affected every aspect of her life for years, and how she ultimately recovered. Part memoir, part reportage, this book will help anyone who struggles to get a good night’s sleep – whether occasionally or all of the time – appreciate the issues and understand the options as they find their best way to get the rest they need. Dr Sophie Bostock, scientist, sleep expert and member of the team who developed the award-winning digital programme Sleepio, contributes a foreword. She and a host of expert contributors have advised on the medical elements within the text throughout.

About the Author

A photo of author Miranda Levy, she is leaning on a pillar and trees can be seen in the background
Author Miranda Levy

Miranda Levy is a journalist and author of more than 25 years’ experience. Starting out on magazines including Cosmopolitan and New Woman (RIP), she then hacked it at the Daily Mail and Sunday Mirror before heading back to glossies and the launches of GLAMOUR and Grazia. She had two babies, wrote The Rough Guide to Babies in 2006, and became editor of Mother & Baby, where she was twice nominated for a British Society of Magazine Editors award. Now a freelance writer and editor for national newspapers, she covers many topics – but particularly health – for titles including the Telegraph platforms, the Mail on Sunday and the i. Miranda has contributed to the Spectator, the Jewish Chronicle and the New York Post.

Blog Tour

Insomnia and sleep difficulties are a universal experience for many at some point in their lives. Levy’s book is full of warmth and great insight, so it’s not surprising it has 5 stars on Amazon. The reviewers for the tour have really loved this book and praised it highly! Please do check out the reviews, they are so thoughtful and insightful. You can find the blog names and tour dates in the poster below.

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Win a Copy of The Insomnia Diaries!

Would you like to win a copy of The Insomnia Diaries? I’m hosting a giveaway for one copy to a UK based reader. To enter, all you need to do is post your best ‘sleep tip’ in the comments below. It’ll take a short while before your comment shows up as I need to manually approve each one. Closing date is 11:59 pm on Monday 21st June. I will pass the winner’s address details to the publisher who will post out directly.

If you’re looking for more advice on getting better sleep, you might enjoy the recent feature on Sleep Hygiene.

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  1. Andrzej Szymanski

    I’ve missed the deadline. My advice would have been to have a warm bath at least an hour before going to bed. A very wise friend educated me about sleep hygiene.

  2. Damn! I’m so gutted that I missed the deadline because The Insomnia Diaries sounds like it’s perfect for someone like myself who does in-fact have insomnia. I’d love to read about Miranda’s experience and about her recovery. I’ve found that there’s really not too much available information on insomnia other than the surface tips of “set a bed time” “don’t drink caffeine” but hardy anything going deeper.

    Jordanne x

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