stackers bed pocket tucked into a bedframe
Gifted: a large Stackers bed pocket in oatmeal colour

Introduction to 3 Reasons every Spoonie needs a Stackers Bed Pocket

Welcome to this post featuring one of my all-time spoonie essentials – a Stackers bed pocket! If you’re a spoonie, chances are you spend more time in bed than the average bear. Rest is critical, especially during a flare up or if recovering from treatment. Being able to reach all your essentials means most spoonies’ bedside cabinets resemble a shop window arranged by a toddler. Mine was the same: medicines, supplements, heat packs, reading material, snacks, drinks, headphones all in a jumbled pile. Not any longer… enter the stackers bed pocket! This is the *best looking* aid I’ve seen in forever.

Whilst gorgeous to look at and easy to match with other Stackers items, it’s functionality which sets it apart. Read on for my top 3 reasons every spoonie needs a stackers bed pocket. I was kindly gifted the bed pocket of my choice by Stackers, but as always this is a genuine review. Regular readers may know I’m a brand ambassador for Stackers, because I truly love their products. Hit up the ‘Discounts’ highlight on my IG for a 10% off code valid on all products (except during sale).

Stackers mini bed pocket in blush colour1. Range of Sizes and Styles

Whether you’re looking for a little extra space, or a lot more storage, Stackers has you covered! There are small (mini) and large (supersize) bed pockets in a variety of colours for the grown-ups. There is also a childrens’ range of bed pockets featuring a variety of dinosaur, animal and astronaut designs.

The mini bed pockets (£25) are perfect for your everyday essentials and come with two large pockets, two small ones and two cable loops. The large bed pockets (£35) are ideal if you need a bit of extra storage space. They have two large pockets, four small pockets and two cable loops.

The kids’ bed pockets (£ various) come in a medium (classic) size. There is one main pocket for books and toys.

Chloe the Cat bed pocket

2. Ease of Installation

Stackers bed pockets are super easy to install, you just slide the top half under your mattress. This makes them ideal for every style of bed frame. The top half is made of a soft faux suede so won’t damage your bed. If like me you’re quite weak, ask someone to help you lift your mattress. Once they’re in they stay put no matter how much you toss and turn.

The kids bed pockets also have two ties on either side allowing the bed pocket to be attached to the side of a bed frame e.g. bunk bed. This is a great safety feature as it means kids don’t have to lean out of bed or over the side to reach. They come in a wide variety of character designs to choose from.


a filled Stackers bed pocket ready to be installed, one of the top Christmas gift guide 2022 items
Supersize bed pocket showing the velvet top half which slides under the mattress

3. Functionality

The Stackers bed pocket is super functional, allowing you to store a variety of items in it and being ideal for those with limited bedside space.

Space Saver

If you have limited space and can’t squeeze in a bedside cabinet or night stand, a bed pocket is the ideal alternative. Similarly, if you do have bedside furniture but much of the space is occupied by medical equipment, the bed pocket is a handy backup for those easy-to-loose items.

Smart Design

I’m really impressed with the thought that went into designing the layout of these. The smaller pockets at the front are easy to reach and ideal for housing remotes, phones, lipbalm, tissues, pens, meds etc. The large pockets can comfortably fit books, magazines, ipads, jounrals and smaller laptops. There are two loops, one on either side ideal for sliding through charging cables. This not only keeps your charger handy but also ensures your device is secure whilst charging.

Kids bed pocket in astronaut design

Conclusion to 3 Reasons every Spoonie needs a Stackers Bed Pocket

There are lots of adaptations for those with disability and chronic illness. Rarely though are they so stylish. Stackers bed pockets come in a range of colourways making it easy to match to your existing Stackers solutions. They’re also super easy to fit and work with any style of bed frame. The kids designs can also be attached to the side of a bunk bed.

The bed pockets have excellent functionality allowing for storage of a wide variety of items. There are even elasticated loops for keeping charging leads handy. For more Stackers home storage and organisation, click here.

Which bed pocket is the one for you? Let me know in the comments.  I’m a big fan of the supersize, find out why it makes the ideal gift here.

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    Great review sweetie

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    I love how much detail you give. This sounds like a really useful thing to have. Definitely going on my Cmas list 🎅🏻

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    You’re right these are the sort of aid that make your home look nice, most of the scream hospital. I showed my partner and said I wanted one he said he needs one too for him snacks and gaming controller! Universal appeal I guess 😂😂😂

  5. Jane

    How have I not seen these before now?! Game changer!!!!!

  6. Kellie

    So nice they have designs for kids too, my boy is often poorly so I just bought him the dinosaur one

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