an open key safe showing keys insideIntroduction to Defender Security Products Key Safe Review

Welcome to my Defender Security Products key safe review. I received the key safe of my choice in exchange for an honest review.  Safety and security are aspects important to everyone. When you’re a vulnerable person though, these areas are critical. If you live alone and have a health condition, a key safe is a great way to ensure your security whilst also protecting your safety. A key safe means your home is secure but the emergency services, or a carer, can still gain access.

A key safe is a small safe to put your door keys into, which fixes on to your property. They usually go on an external wall out of view. My photos show it near my front door to illustrate what it’s for (so blog and socials visitors quickly make the connection). A better place for it is somewhere it can’t easily be seen e.g. behind plants or bins. The safe opens using a code and you control who has access to that code. If you need help but can’t get to the door, a paramedic or carer can reach you without needing assistance in gaining entry or forcing the door.

Here I review the Defender Security Combination Key Safe. I’m very impressed with this model, and I’m not the only one! It is a silver medal winner in Real Homes’ Best Key Safe Guide 2022.

Defender Security Key Safe Review

The unit itself is made of metal and feels very secure. It looks like it can withstand both the elements and attempts at tampering. There is a little black sliding cover to protect the combination dial. The combination dial has 4 digits which offers over 10,000 possible combinations! It’s easy to change the combination to one you can better remember, and there’s a facility to test the new combination before locking the safe. This is perfect for those with brain fog, or hand tremors who want to ensure they’ve got the combination set correctly. The safe itself is quite spacious for such a small unit, it holds 5 keys easily. I find it easy to operate the safe with one hand (I need the other hand for my walking aid). 

The box has full instructions and the fixtures needed to mount the key safe. It comes with 4 strong thunderbolts and all you need to provide is a drill with a 5mm masonry bit, 8mm socket attachment, eye protection, pencil, tape and tape measure. It’s fairly easy to fit if you can operate a power drill, just make sure you choose a flat bit of wall. The key safe comes with a 1 year guarantee. Defender Security Products has a wide range of key safes, cameras, alarms, lights, and other security items.


A key safe is a great way to fortify security and safety. It can provide access to the home of a vulnerable person in a quick and efficient way for both carers and the emergency services.

Key safes are a robust way to keep keys available to those who need access. They are easy to install and are strong enough to withstand tampering and extreme weather.

Do you have a key safe? Would you consider getting one? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, you may find others in the Aids and Adaptations page useful.


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