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The Invitation by Katie Webster is the first in a young adult fantasy trilogy. Published by The Conrad Press it’s available as an ebook and paperback. It’s the story of Lucy a school girl from Scotland as she finds herself a protagonist in a fantasy. My thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things tours for my spot on the blog tour and copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. This is Katie Webster’s debut novel.


My Thoughts on The Invitation by Katie Webster

This story drew me in slowly, but once in the fantasy world I was intrigued to see how the plot progresses. Lucy is a shy and awkward teenager who is bullied at school and has a difficult home life. Her best friend is her dog Crumbs. There is some serious violence in the 2nd chapter which I wasn’t expecting and it jarred a bit. I don’t mind violence in books, but some readers may appreciate a domestic abuse trigger warning.

Lucy finds herself an unlikely heroine upon arrival in the fantasy place of Archmond. Archmond is run by Soleman and his partner Ronald. Her arrival is a threat to the rule of Queen Abigail whose rule creates discord. It seems Lucy features in a prophecy as a bringer of peace. Lucy feels out of her depth and that she has no skills to draw upon, Ronald too is sceptical that she is capable of overthrowing Abigail. This type of ‘imposter syndrome’ is, I think, an aspect many readers will identify with.

I enjoyed the fantasy construct and the variety of magical characters. The fantasy world was easy to follow and this would be a great introduction to the genre for any YA fans. The characters are well developed and believable. I particularly enjoyed the political machinations to which there seem to be many layers. There were enough plot twists to keep the reader engaged and the story fresh, original and unpredictable.

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Cover Blurb for The Invitation

On the island kingdom of Meta Emery, a young queen, Abigail, wakes in the middle of the night to a terrifying realisation; hostile wizards from the rival kingdom of Archmond have finally done what they’ve been threatening to do: bring a girl, Lucy, into this world to destroy the queen and all she has worked for.

Hundreds of miles west, in Archmond itself, a great feast unfolds in the castle to celebrate Lucy’s arrival. Soleman, one of the wizards and a co-ruler of Archmond, has spread the news to his people that Lucy is the heroine an ancient prophecy predicted; he promises that the discord throughout their world will soon be over. But his fellow ruler Ronald remains dubious that this apparently meek and troubled girl could really overthrow Abigail, or whether she is ever likely to want to.

This highly imaginative and original novel is the first in an exciting new fantasy series, ‘Lucy’s Crypt’.

About the Author Katie Webster

Katie Webster is an Australian lawyer, born in Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest. She has worked in both criminal and international law. She has published academically, but this is her debut novel.

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  1. Alison

    Kept seeing this on social media so clicked through to see what all the fuss it about! Sounds like a great new fantasy series to get my teeth into 😀 thanks for the review I’m particularly looking forward to the politics now!

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