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Key summary

Welcome to my first DIY blog post! When you’re responsible for the place you live (as either a renter or homeowner) you know that there are often lots of DIY jobs to do. Spanners (or wrenches if you’re North American) are pretty essential in any DIY tool set and for certain jobs you need two wrenches. Here I review the Ox Pro series adjustable spanners with an extra wide jaw. I used them to replace a stop end on a leaky bathroom pipe and am so impressed with their quality and how comfortable they were use. They represent very good value for money and I really recommend them for your DIY workbench for a variety of DIY projects.

My thoughts on Ox Pro adjustable spanners

During lockdown, it wasn’t possible to get a plumber in, so fixing a leaky pipe fell to me. It wasn’t a huge job; just replacing a stop end on a pipe under the bath. I chose two of the Ox Pro series adjustable spanners with an extra wide jaw for this job. There are a few handle sizes: 6”, 8” and 10”; I chose 6” as I had a very small working area. These wrenches have a slim head and pointed tips which proved ideal for the tight space where the pipe is. The worm screw (which adjusts the jaw size) is easy to turn and achieve necessary tightness around the pipe fitting. The dura grip rubber covered handle is comfortable to hold and I find it easy to control the spanners. They feel very durable and I get the impression they will likely last for a long time. The ultra-wide jaw opening goes up to 34mm, I only needed 15mm for my job but opted for this model as I thought it represented good versatility in the event I need the extra jaw width on future jobs.

Price Point for Ox Pro Adjustable Spanners

These are mid-priced, not the cheapest which often only last for one job, but also not the most expensive; as an amateur DIYer these fit my needs perfectly. The RRP is around £20, but they’re often around the £13 mark on Amazon. They worked really well and I can honestly recommend them. It’s amazing to think that the design for an adjustable wrench hasn’t changed since it was invented in 1842, but as the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and if it is broke use good tools or you’ll be doing the job again.

A white marble background with grey veining with a quote in black. Quote reads: “The Ox Pro adjustable spanners are easy to use; their slim head is ideal for working in small areas and the dura grip is comfortable to hold and makes the spanners easy to control. Feels durable and represents good value for money.” underneath the quote are the words: Dr Sabina Michnowicz www.rosegoldreports.com

About the Brand

Ox Tools was founded in 1974 in Australia and makes both hand and power tools. They’ve had a presence in the UK since 2012 and pride themselves on using the finest materials and having stringent quality control to ensure that customers get nothing but the best. OX Group is a member of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF).

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  1. Seb

    Interesting review! I’m impressed that they have an accurate-looking millimetre scale marked on them. Even with jaws that have slim, pointed tips it can be difficult to get into tight spaces, so to be able to adjust the jaws to the correct aperture before applying them to a nut can be very helpful! I know a stop end isn’t very hard to tighten adequately, but did you find the 6-inch shafts gave you sufficient leverage, or might it be a good idea to get another one in a larger size to complement them?

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      Thank you! Yes they’re well made and I think they represent good value. I couldn’t do more than a quarter turn at a time because of my small working space, but I found both the leverage and torque to be good. I think these can easily handle most jobs for this jaw size.

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