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Emma Hybrid Mattress Review: Introduction

Welcome to my Emma Hybrid Mattress review. People with chronic illnesses can spend more time in bed than the average healthy person. Severe spoonies can be bedbound permanently or for intermittent periods. I spend a lot of time in bed, so it’s very important to me to be comfortable. Being bedbound on the wrong type of mattress can result in increased pain, bedsores and other complications.

I sleep on the Emma hybrid mattress and after 4 months on it, I can offer a full review. The main thing I love about it is how comfortable it is! It’s also very practical and I found the customer service excellent. I originally wanted to try an Emma mattress after reading lots of positive reviews. But being housebound means I can’t go to a shop and try it out. Emma offer a 200 night trial, which is around 6 months. That’s plenty of time for spoonies to have one delivered and decide whether it meets their needs. This is not a sponsored post and is my honest opinion.

a photo of the emma hybrid mattress, the cover is unzipped to show the different layers of foam

What is the Emma Hybrid Mattress made of?

The Emma Hybrid mattress is a mixture of pocket springs and foam layers. The mattress is a mix of mini pocket springs and layers of foam. The top layer is a soft and ultra-breathable Airgocell® foam which allows enhanced air flow keeping the sleeper at an optimal temperature. Beneath this are the pocket springs. They act as an advanced pressure relief, boosting breathability and also extending the mattress lifespan. Underneath the spring layer is a zero gravity viscoelastic memory foam. This adds additional bounce and keeps the sleeper cool. The final and thickest layer is the HRX Supreme foam. This is an innovative foam which contours to the sleeper’s body offering support in the right areas.

The Emma hybrid is a slightly bouncier mattress compared with the Emma original one (which I will also review soon). The hybrid is aimed at those who prefer a medium-soft mattress. On a scale1 (soft) to 10 (firm), the Emma Hybrid is a 3 (medium soft) mattress.

What is it like to sleep on?

The first question many people have is: is the Emma hybrid mattress good? I’m happy to say that it is! I’ve tried various mattress types and topper combinations to help me sleep better.

Some memory foams are so soft that when you sink in, you worry a team of archaeologists will be needed to excavate you. The Emma foam layers are soft enough to be comfortable but strong enough to be supportive.

I spend many hours in bed and often lie on my side. So, whilst the Emma mattress is a vast improvement on my previous (pocket sprung) mattress, it is still a little stiff for my hips. I have a noticeable hip to waist difference so felt this; others without such a big difference may have a different experience. After 8 weeks of use, I contacted Emma customer support for advice on my situation. I was offered a ‘comfort layer’ which is an additional layer of very soft memory foam which can be added to the mattress. This was at no cost to me (and delivery was free too) and doesn’t affect the length of my trial. I’m happy to say it makes an appreciable difference.

a photograph showing the emma hybrid mattress. the cover has been unzipped and an additional layer of foam placed upon the existing foam mattress.

How practical is it?

Gone are the days of a two person mattress delivery and the need for an engineering degree to successfully manoeuvre it to it’s final destination. Emma mattresses come rolled in a box! All sizes of mattress come in a box with dimensions 45x45x110cm. The weight depends on the size you choose; a standard single is 16.5kg, a double is 25kg, you can check the weights of the other sizes here. There’s an envelope on the box with a pamphlet and safety knife to help you cut the plastic cover off. Memory foam has a particular smell when new and most people opt to air it for a day or two before use. I have chemical sensitivity so needed about 2 weeks for the smell to vanish completely.

a close up photo of a partially unzipped cover on the mattress the care label on the cover indicating it is machine washable

Another great practical aspect is the mattress cover because it has handles and is machine washable. The cover zips on and off the mattress easily and can be machine washed. This is great for bedridden people who often have to eat and drink in bed increasing the risk of spills.

Summary of Emma Hybrid Mattress Review

The Emma Hybrid mattress is a mixture of pocket springs and foam layers. Perfect for sleepers who prefer a medium-soft mattress. The Emma hybrid is soft enough to relieve pain and feel comfortable, but strong enough to offer support where needed. This makes it a great choice for those who spend a lot of time in bed. There is a practical cover which zips off so you can machine wash it. You can also add an optional comfort layer of foam  to increase softness. It is delivered in a box so it’s easy to get it into the right room. Finally, there is a 200 night trial so if you’re not sleeping better on it, you can return it and it also comes with a 10 year guarantee. I find the customer service to be quick at responding and very helpful.

For more tips on getting a good night’s sleep check out my detailed post on Sleep Hygiene and how to create a bedtime routine.

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  1. Janey

    Been looking for a new mattress as have quite bad arthritis. Will look into the emma as there’s quite a few good reviews I’ve read now.

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      It’s tough with chronic pain, I’d recommend you give Emma hybrid a try as it’s a softer one in their range. Hope you find something that helps!

  2. Alison

    This is such a detailed review, it sounds very comfy and I love that you can take the cover off to wash.

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      Yes, it’s really handy and so easy to care for!

  3. Ludo

    I’ve had my mattress 12 years and should really get a new one. Had no idea such conveniences as rolled in a box and washable covers existed! Sounds very comfortable too.

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      Convenience has come a long way in the mattress world! There’s even a safety knife in an envelope on the outside of the box to make it easy to cut the plastic bag the mattress comes rolled in. Emma has literally thought of everything.

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