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Welcome to my post about bargain buys for a cosy home this autumn 2020. Lots of people are trying to make their homes more comfortable because with lockdown 2 we are spending more time indoors. Some people are choosing to put their Christmas decorations up early, others are just aiming for a cosy, seasonal vibe. I’ve put together a few ideas for getting your home a little bit cosier without breaking the bank. I’m not a big fan of decking the halls before advent starts (although all power to you if that’s your thing!) so have gone for an autumnal feel. There are a variety of ways to make your space feel cosier and popular options include lighting, decorations and soft furnishings. For ultimate cosiness or hygge, add some fun activities and tasty hot drinks.


Cosy Bargain Buys in Lighting

Lighting is a great way to make your home feel cosier. There are lots of good value options available. From candles to fairy lights there is a whole range of choices. Aim for something softer which creates ambience but offers enough light so that you’re not bumping into the furniture!

There is a great range of different fairy lights available from small strings of bulbs, to shaped lights or even curtain lights. Curtain lights look great in windows, across headboards or as a backdrop to a party table or dance floor. Many shops currently have offers in their pre-black Friday sale.

Candles are a favourite for me, so this year I opted for new tea light holders. I wanted navy and metallic as I’d had my eye on a lovely navy blanket (see below in soft furnishings) so wanted them to match. Jewel tones give a luxe feel in autumn; shades like emerald, ruby, sapphire etc. I chose a set of six navy glass tea light holders with metallic dots painted on them. They’re by Yankee Candle and I bought them from a website selling surplus called Yankee Bundles. Amazingly, they were just £5 for 6, how’s that for cosy bargain buys?! My design has now sold out but there is a very similar one (same shape navy glass with metallic glitter) also £5 for 6. They also sell a big range of Yankee and other candles, food with a shorter shelf life, plus other bits.

Cosy Decoration Bargains

How you decorate your home is very much down to personal taste. A décor refresh can be big or small, depending on your budget and capacity. There is a whole range of options from a single centre-piece or focal-point to having a decorative theme running throughout your home. Decorations can be anything: things you find, things you buy or things you make.

Seasonal decorations can be a great way of bringing a bit of nature into your home. For an autumn feel I’ve picked a few mini pumpkins and squashes. It can be fun to forage for things like coloured leaves, acorns, pine cones etc. They can be left natural or sprayed with fake snow, or metallic paint. Or for something more long-lasting, a collage, picture or print can be a great way to update decor.

Crafting has become very popular recently, and it’s known to help mental health and creativity. With people looking for lockdown activities, crafting, jigsaws and board games are having a resurgence. You could craft your own decorations and even make it a family activity. If you’re a beginner, there are lots of free youtube tutorials online. Pinterest can also be a good place to find inspiration. I’ve recently started to do embroidery and am making a needlework wreath for Christmas.

Cosy Bargain Buys in Soft Furnishings

A cosy home is a comfortable one. Soft furnishings include things like cushions, throws, blankets and curtains. They make where you sit or lie soft and warm for ultimate comfort. Some things to consider when selecting soft furnishing are:

  1. will the colours work with my existing decor?
  2. is the fabric easy to care for? (machine washable or dry clean?).
  3. is it flammable? (if so, keep away from candles).
  4. is it delicate or hard wearing? (match to your needs).

As a big fan of soft, cosy blankets I was super excited to see this night sky one on insta. It’s been very popular with influencers this season. I bought one because I’m a big astronomy fan! When it arrived, I loved it so much that I bought 2 more for gifts. It’s called: George Home Blue Constellation Super Soft Throw, currently £6 in ASDA. You can even pick it up when you do your grocery shop as it’s on the grocery site too. It’s a navy colour with slightly lighter areas a bit like the Milky Way. There are metallic gold constellations printed on it. Cosy bargain buys can be

Fun Activities and Tasty Treats

Once you’ve got your home all cosy it’s time to enjoy it! A variety of lockdown activities have become popular. During lockdown 1 people were very into baking and zoom pub quizzes. In lockdown 2 enthusiasm for those activities has waned. According to news reports activities such as watching subscription TV (netflix, NowTV and Amazon Prime) has grown. As has demand for books, board games, jigsaw puzzles and craft supplies.

I’m getting into new-to-me board games like King of Tokyo. Also a big fan of wooden jigsaws, especially the Wentworth ones with their unique whimsy pieces. As mentioned in the decoration section above, crafting is also a growing trend. I’ve been learning embroidery and wool felting. It’s such a relaxing activity that I find it therapeutic!

To go with all the cosy film nights and comfy craft sessions, you need hot drinks and tasty treats. Whether you bake your own biscuits or opt for shop bought ones, it’s great to add a seasonal touch. For my hot chocolates and lattes, I’ve bought a George Home Snowflake Latte Mug. It’s glass with grey coloured snowflakes on it. I picked it up with my groceries for just £2.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post on cosy bargain buys. Are you doing any seasonal decorating? Have you already got your Christmas tree up? Have lockdowns changed how you feel about your home? Let me know in the replies below and let’s get the conversation started! You can view more of my home posts here and if you’re looking for food and drink inspo check this out.

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  1. Jenny

    This is such a cute post! Thanks for all of these suggestions!

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      Thank you, that’s so kind!

  2. Ellie

    Great post, some lovely things and I really love that blanket, so lovely and it looks snuggly and warm! I’ve just made myself a reading nook in my library, it’s only very temporary for the minute as we need to build the bookshelves from scratch one day, but it makes me feel all snuggly!

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      A reading nook sounds perfect, it’s always good to be cosy when reading! I’m excited about your shelves, bespoke ones are always so cool. And you can ensure plenty of ‘future capacity’.

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