Key Summarya box of ASDA free from 4 red velvet cupcakes

Welcome to my ASDA Free From 4 Red Velvet Cupcakes Review. These are red coloured chocolate sponge cakes topped with soft cheese frosting. They used to have chocolate disks on top of the frosting but now come decorated with red velvet crumb.

They’re very good value at £2 for four, you can buy them in store or online from ASDA. They make a perfect treat to go with your cuppa.  These are gluten and wheat free, but contain eggs, milk and soya. You can see the full ingredients listing in the photo below. The delicately flavoured sponge is a good effort for gluten free and the cream frosting is soft and sweet.


the ingredients listing for ASDA's free from 4 red velvet cupcakes. Allergens highlighted are egg, milk and soya.ASDA Free From 4 Red Velvet Cupcakes Review:

Ingredients and Flavour

You can see the full ingredients listing (at time of purchase) in the photo. Please always check before buying as ingredients can sometimes change. ASDA did a red velvet cake with frosting a few years ago as part of their free from Christmas range. It seemed quite popular, so the cup cake 4 pack was born and is available year round.

They’re not too crumbly but the sponge doesn’t taste of very much, if I hadn’t read the ingredients I wouldn’t have known it’s supposed to be chocolate. The full fat cream cheese frosting is pretty good though, its soft and quite sweet. Overall they’re well balanced as the mild flavour of the sponge works to even out the sweetness of the frosting. I find theses a good buy to have as an occasional treat. They’re great for a bit of variety as I don’t always want biscuits or chocolate with my cuppa.

ASDA Free From Food Awards – Retailer of the Year

The annual Free From food awards took place last night. ASDA won ‘retailer of the year’ for the first time as well as a whole host of medals. To see which brands and products received awards, check out this link.

Have you tried the ASDA red velvet cupcakes? What did you think? Do you have any ASDA free from favourites? Let me know your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below. If you’d like to see some other gluten free food and drink which I recommend, click here.

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