Key Summary: 5 ways ciate plant pots are sustainable18 bottles of ciate plant pots arrange in a circle with tops pointing inwards. There is a wide selection of shades: pastels, brights, metallic shimmers and glitters.

Nails on fleek are a summer essential! But did you know the nail polish you use can also be good for the planet? Welcome to 5 ways ciate plant pots are sustainable! At rosegold reports we love to champion brands which are kind to the environment, so are very impressed with Ciate Plant Pots. Ciate is a brand which is PETA certified, cruelty free and vegan. Here we highlight the 5 extra ways that plant pots nail varnishes are kind to the planet.

1. They contain natural ingredients

Ciate plant pots contain up to 80% natural ingredients. This includes botanical powerhouses such as bakuchiol to rejuvenate and bamboo to repair. They also contain biotin (the vitamin B7) to strengthen. So they not only look pretty, they’re pretty good for your nails too. And pretty good for the plant.

2. The bottles are made of recycled glass

The bottles which ciate plant pots come in are made from recycled glass. And of course once you’ve finished with it, you can put it straight back in the recycling. According to the Glass Packaging Institute, glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity.

a hand holding 4 bottles of differently coloured bottles of ciate plant pots, the nails are painted in a multicoloured abstract design3. Ciate plant pots have recyclable caps

It’s not just the glass bottle you can pop into the recycling because you can also recycle the caps. Another way Ciate plant pots are sustainable is that they come with a cap made of recyclable plastic. This is very forward thinking because not all plastics are recyclable, so a lot of nail varnish caps have to go to landfill.

4. Sustainably sourced ingredients

The ingredients that go into ciate plant pots have all been sustainably sourced. That’s both the natural ingredients mentioned in point 1 and the synthetic ones all varnishes contain. Because being kind to your nails shouldn’t be unkind to the planet.

5. Ciate plant pots are sustainable as they’re made with biodegradable glitter

Plastic glitter takes hundreds of years to decompose and because it’s so small it will end up in the ocean and in fish. So it poses a similar risk as microplastics. Biodegradable glitter is a bit better, because it doesn’t take so long to decompose. It’s not perfect, because a recent study revealed that in the short-term at least,

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