4 packs of cheeky panda facial wipes lying on a grass lawnIntroduction to The Cheeky Panda Facial Wipes

Cheeky Panda facial wipes are very convenient for a wide variety of situations. Here I’m reviewing them in the context of chronic illness. People with energy limiting chronic illnesses (ELCI) can struggle to meet their daily care needs (e.g. showering/bathing), especially when in a flare. If someone is bedbound then being able to clean their face or hands with wipes is much easier. Cheeky Panda facial wipes come in a pack of 25 for £1.99. There are also offers for buying in bulk or via subscription. They come in coconut, rose or unscented varieties. I have the coconut ones. This is not a sponsored post and is my honest opinion.

Cheeky Panda Facial Wipes Review

There are 3 main reasons why I think that Cheeky Panda facial wipes are great for spoonies. Obviously, they’re also great for non-spoonies! But here, we’re focusing on living well with chronic illness. My 3 favourite things about them are: they’re kind to skin, convenient and eco friendly.

1. Kind to Skin

Up to 60% of consumers report having sensitive skin. This figure could be higher amongst spoonies due to e.g. allergies, medication side-effects, chemical sensitivity etc. Cheeky Panda facial wipes are dermatologically tested with SGS. They are also super soft on skin and naturally hypoallergenic. The wipes are made with just 3 natural ingredients: 99% purified water, aloe vera and fruit extract. They’re vegan certified and cruelty free.

I found the coconut scent to be delicate and natural (not an artificial/chemical scent). They leave my skin feeling refreshed and comfortable. As well as cleansing my face or hands, I use them for cleaning off the sticky residue which T.E.N.S. pads leave on the skin. The wipes are embossed which makes them quite strong if you need to rub a bit harder.

a pack of cheeky panda facial wipes lying inside a fridge door
Keep a pack in the fridge for an instant cold compress

2. Convenient

I find these wipes so convenient. Whether I’m bed ridden, in hospital, travelling to the Drs or just unable to get to a tap. If I want to clean my face or hands I just pull out a wipe. Contrary to logic, hospitals are nightmare places if you’re in a wheelchair: non-automatic doors, poor/no signage of accessible routes, random steps or kerbs, broken lifts etc. So, if you just want to clean or refresh your face you can save yourself the energy of seeking out the disabled toilet and just use a wipe. Also handy if you’re bedbound and in hospital as the commodes which are provided don’t come with handwashing facilities (lovely… not!).

I like that these come in a pack size of 25 wipes. So, I won’t run out quickly but they’re also small enough to fit in a bag or pocket and not heavy to handle. Also, unlike larger packs, they won’t dry out from being reopened before you reach the last few. Top spoonie tip: pop the pack in the fridge and enjoy an instant cold compress whenever you need one (without the faff of flannels and water).

a grass lawn with 16 packets of cheeky panda facial wipes arranged in a heart shape

3. Eco Friendly = Guilt Free

Cheeky Panda facial wipes are eco friendly which means you don’t have to feel guilty for using them. They are made of bamboo which uses 65% less Carbon emissions than using trees (and also less deforestation). The bamboo comes from FSC Certified forests. Panda’s eat a different variety of bamboo, so no one is stealing their snacks.

Cheeky Panda are a ‘carbon balanced’ company, so they balance the carbon emitted in processing with The World Land Trust activities (by e.g. rebuilding rainforests in Vietnam and protecting animal habitats). Finally, Cheeky Panda supports The World Land Trust, Whale & Dolphin Conservation & Toilet Twinning through donations and fundraising.

a pale green background with a graphic of a panda and a speech bubble which says: "Pass me a wipe, I think my mascara has given me Panda eyes!
Sorry… couldn’t resist!

The wipes are compostable, so you can pop them in your veggie scraps bin. Remember to never flush them down the toilet. The plastic packaging they come in is not recyclable.

Do you use wipes regularly? Have any useful hacks? Maybe you have other energy-saving spoonie suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Asterid

    these sound really good, I find wet wipes so handy. Love that they’re eco friendly too!

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      Yes they’re great and being kind to the environment means you can use them as often as you like.

  2. Bill

    I’ve been looking for environmentally sustainable wipes, we have two young children so get through a lot. Thanks for this information as it helps us make a better choice.

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you found it useful!

  3. Carrie

    I’m disabled and struggle to find wipes which suit my sensitive skin will give these a try as haven’t tried them before

    1. Sabina Michnowicz

      I found them very gentle, but everyone is different. I hope they prove suitable for you!

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