Key Summarya box of M&S made without wheat prosciutto and ricotta cappelletti

M&S Made Without Wheat cappelletti pasta with prosciutto and ricotta makes a quick and tasty meal. Ideal for an easy dinner because they take a maximum of 3 minutes to prepare! Each pack provides 2 portions which is great value for filled gluten free pasta as they’re priced at £3.50. They’re the real deal because they’re made in Italy for Marks and Spencer. The taste is really nice and they hold their shape well. As they are a bit smaller in size than the M&S spinach and ricotta ravioli they’re not so delicate when cooking. I love 3 things about them: taste, quick and easy to cook, and convenient.

a close up of cooked cappelletti

1. Great Taste

I really enjoy the taste of these, the filling is quite mild but moreish. There’s a really good balance between prosciutto, mortadella and ricotta. It’s a little on the salty side but I think that’s down to the prosciutto which is a salty cured ham. The pasta itself is tasty too and you wouldn’t know it’s gluten free. I often eat these with just with a knob of salted butter and cracked black pepper, but they also work well with a variety of sauces. They can work well as a starter on their own or as a main course with some vegetables on the side.

2. Quick and Easy to Make

These are an absolute doddle to prepare! You pop them into boiling water, return to a gentle boil and after just 2 minutes they’re ready to go. If you’re cooking from frozen (see point 3 below) just extend the cooking time by an extra minute. Gluten free fresh pasta can sometimes be quite delicate, but with these there’s no splits or breakages. You’d be hard pressed to find a quicker and easier meal to make. These are really good when symptom severity means you can’t cook, or a hospital trip took longer and you need food fast.

3. Convenient

Obviously being quick and easy to make is a huge convenience in itself. This pasta can also be frozen. That means you can have a couple of packs on stand-by in case of any emergencies. As mentioned above, they’re great for you don’t have enough time or energy to cook from scratch. Just remove from the freezer and pop into boiling water. 3 minutes later you’re all set! These are available instore from Marks and Spencer, and online from Ocado. As they’re ‘cappelletti’ style of pasta the pasta makes up 60% of them. So if you prefer more filling in your pasta check out the M&S Made without Wheat Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli which is 45% pasta.

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